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February 2011

Rhode Island Divorce Coaching by Rhode Island Attorney Christopher Pearsall

You have the legal right to represent yourself in your own Rhode Island divorce proceedings.  A lawyer is NOT required.  However, you need to know what you are doing.  Plus, need correct legal information to do that.


Notice how I said that.  You NEED to know what you are doing and you NEED correct legal information when doing so.  However, I didn't know of any way for people to get that information affordably without having to provide substantial amount of money to an attorney to retain him or her.

My Rhode Island Divorce Coaching program is the process of assisting you and advising you about how you go about the law and exercising your legal rights to represent yourself, called "Pro Se" before the Rhode Island Family Court.

The RI Divorce Coaching Program is conducive specifically to helping you with the law and procedure regarding your uncontested Rhode Island Divorce depending upon your desires and your needs.

The coaching program is best designed for uncontested Rhode Island Divorces is affordable at only $135 for thorough minimum one hour coaching session but is also helpful for most areas of Rhode Island Family Law.

Coaching Sessions for an uncontested Rhode Island divorce typically consist of five (5) divorce coaching sessions specifically designed to acquaint you with, educate you, inform you, and advise you about the Rhode Island divorce process so that you have a better chance to proceed through your Rhode Island Family Court's Uncontested divorce proceeding successfully.

RI Divorce Coaching sessions may be purchased by you on "as needed basis" as your uncontested divorce process proceeds.  This eliminates the need to come up with substantial money to obtain legal assistance all at once.

If you need additional sessions to work out issues with your spouse, you may purchase an additional session or two as you feel necessary to address your divorce and family issues to resolve your uncontested divorce more fully.

Rhode Island Divorce Coaching for uncontested divorces is -





and Saves You Money!

Do you want to do yourself a favor?  Don't wing it.  Don't try to do it without professional help!  You risk causing yourself aggravation, anxiety, money, time and emotional turmoil.


Affordable legal help in you Rhode Island uncontested divorce is only a call away.  Call me today at (401) 632-6976.  I'll be happy to meet with you.

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Christopher A. Pearsall, Attorney-at-Law

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