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My husband gave me a $20,000 engagement ring when he proposed to me.  It's the original ring he gave me and no changes have been made to it.  We are now getting divorced in Rhode Island.  Is my engagement ring part of the marital estate.  My husband says I owe him $10,000 from my ring.


Based on what you have included in your question, your husband is incorrect.  Your engagement ring should not be included in the marital estate and should not be considered by the family court judge in equitably distributing the marital estate.  An engagement ring was a gift from your future husband to you in exchange for your promise to marry him.  You married him and therefore your engagement ring was a gift that existed before your marriage.  If you had broken your promise of marriage and had not married your now husband you would have had to return the ring to him.  Under these circumstances however, the engagement ring should be considered your separate property.


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