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June 2008

RI Divorce Question: How long will my divorce take?

RI Divorce Question:

            How long will my divorce take in Rhode Island?

RI Divorce Answer:

            How long your divorce takes in Rhode Island depends upon your circumstances.

            1)  If you have been living separate and apart from your spouse for 3 or more years, then the fastest you can get a divorce is about 12 weeks.

            2) Under any other set of circumstances the fastest you can get a divorce is about 25 weeks.

            However, how long your divorce actually takes has to do with many factors.  If it takes you and/or your spouse longer than the first 6 to 8 weeks after the filing of the initial complaint to reach an agreement regarding your divorce, then your matter will be shifted to the Contested Track in the Rhode Island family court. 

Until you reach agreement as to all aspects of your divorce and have a nominal divorce hearing, OR until a divorce trial is completed, both of which must be followed by the statutory waiting period of 91 days (except in the case where you have been living separate and apart for 3 or more years) you will not be eligible to obtain a Final Judgment of Divorce.


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