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I've previously written Rhode Island Divorce articles about civility and trying to work with your spouse to resolve your issues.  What I didn't mention in those other divorce articles is that by remaining civil, holding your temper and keeping a cool head is that it can save you a hefty sum of money.

One of the most time consuming parts of any divorce is reaching a Marital Settlement Agreement.  A Marital Settlement Agreement is typically a document that embodies all the terms of what you and your spouse have agreed to and it anticipates what could happen in the future, to the extent that reasonable changes can be foreseen and prepared for. 

Assume that your attorney in this example costs $200 per hour and it takes him or her 4 hours to draft and re-draft the complete Marital Settlement Agreement which includes provisions to protect you and provisions to specify which states laws apply, etc....  That's $800 you would save if you just came to an agreement with your spouse, wrote out all the terms and conditions and you both signed it before a notary public and then testified at the hearing that your signature is genuine, that you signed it freely and voluntarily and that it is fair and equitable. 

Now, 4 hours is a minimal amount of time to prepare a Marital Settlement Agreement which goes back and forth between the other attorney for changes, additions, removals, etc.... So when I say 4 hours, I am giving you an almost unrealistic figure.  In fact, if it's to be properly detailed and is prepared by an attorney then the attorney is going to try to anticipate anything and everything that could affect you in the future so the attorney is likely to take a good 10 hours on the Marital Settlement Agreement.  Now what if your attorney charges $300 per hour but you and your spouse come to your agreement on your own.  You just saved a whopping $3,000 on legal fees. 

Now here is a question you can easily answer.  Would you rather keep a cool head, be reasonable with your spouse and reach an agreement to hang on to that money or give it to a Rhode Island divorce attorney?

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