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Attorney Christopher Pearsall and Divorce goes 100% Virtual!

It's no secret that Rhode Island Divorce Lawyers and attorneys in real estate and many other fields have been hit by the recession.  If you haven't been hit by it yet then count yourself lucky.  Companies are downsizing and businesses that have been around for 100 years and more are closing their doors.  Businesses of all sorts are finding ways to survive, stay in business, cut costs and remain profitable enough to remain viable in a horrible market. 

Money isn't in abundance and families are cutting back on luxuries and sticking to necessities.  It's not a wonder that more and more people are looking to technology to ease their financial burdens and automate everything they can to service customers and clients.

It is in the midst of our recession that I announce that I have decided to close my physical office in Cranston, Rhode Island and make a leap that I was hoping to postpone for six more months but practicality makes it more sensible to do so now.

Beginning on June 9, 2008 my physical office will close and my virtual office will open.  What does this mean new or existing clients?  It means tremendous savings.  By closing my physical office I will have completed my transition into a new age for attorneys and the practice of divorce law. 

By closing the physical office in Cranston I will be passing along the savings that results from eliminating my overhead costs to my clients.

I believe that to my knowledge that I will be the first Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer in Rhode Island to go 100% virtual and almost 100% digital.

By harnessing the power of computers and the internet I have been able to address filing and storage issues and costs as well as servicing clients more quickly and efficiently if they have a computer or access to a relative or friend or even a public library computer.  This enables clients to be informed more quickly than ever before and eliminates postage costs.  Clients will get quicker responses, see faster results and know what is going on with their case more readily than they would waiting to a typical attorney to return their call.  Of course I will certainly still be talking to clients by telephone since serving my clients is a personal thing and should never be reduced to just impersonal emails.

Though the transition to its completion may take another six (6) months to address issues that may arise, the savings will be noticed by clients immediately.

I am extremely excited to be making this move especially at a time when Rhode Islanders need it most.  I have literally become a divorce and family law attorney designed for Rhode Islanders and those who go before the Rhode Island Family Court to be able to address your divorce and family law issues during this recession at half the cost of a typical full-time experienced divorce practitioner.

Feel free to take advantage of the savings I can offer you while also increasing speed and efficiency.

I'm the Attorney for the New Millennium.

I can just about make a computer dance. 

Imagine what I might be able to do for you in court.

Call for your low-cost consultation.

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