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Hiring a Divorce Lawyer with a Credit Card!

Paying for your Rhode Island Divorce Atttorney doesn't come cheap depending upon who you hire.  Many people feel trapped and unable to file for divorce or defend against their spouse's claims simply because they don't have the monies to hire a decent Rhode Island Family Attorney.

However, if you have a credit card, whether it is in your own name or jointly held with your spouse, that credit card can be used to hire the lawyer.

Now most people might worry because all they believe they are doing is increasing their debt.  However, there are a few considerations that may outweigh the use of a credit card to pay for the attorney who will represent your rights.

First, if you don't hire the divorce lawyer, might you take a greater loss on your rights than the amount you are putting on the credit card. Second, if your spouse has a lawyer or even if he doesn't, isn't it reasonable to claim that the hiring of the attorney was a necessary expense to help the marriage come to its conclusion fairly and equitably?  Both issues are more than reasonable and it is an entirely valid argument to make to the court that the charge for your attorney was reasonable and necessary and therefore it is a marital debt just like any other.  This is especially true if your spouse was the party filing for the divorce.

If you need to hire an attorney for your divorce and your only recourse is a credit card, it is probably your best bet to use the card, protect your rights and hire a decent family law attorney.

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